Ben Sanoff is currently a school leadership resident at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. He has worked with a team of teachers and students to develop a student consulting program at HTHMA. During his nine year career at Berkeley High School he served as AP equity coordinator, technology coordinator, lead teacher, and taught AP macroeconomics as well as an entrepreneurship and innovation course

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In his AP Macroeconomics classes, Ben developed blended learning strategies to differentiate, personalize, and ensure the success of a wide array of students. Specifically, he designed and implemented a self paced mastery AP Macroeconomics course. Students move through recorded video lessons at their own pace displaying understanding by answering questions connect to each lesson. They demonstrate mastery over units by successfully completing Socratic seminars, research based current events posts, and AP-style exams. Students also pursue their own independent projects, enabling them to engage in meaningful project-based learning about economic topics of interest to them. The video lessons as well as the entire self paced blended course package are available for free here.

For more information on Ben’s work see his resume


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