Student Consulting

We developed a student consultant program at High Tech High Media Arts with the hope of meaningfully deploying student voice to support the growth of teachers new to our school. The model consists of student consultants observing faculty each week and sharing feedback during a debriefing meeting. These conversations at the heart of the student consultancy model have served as powerful levers of instructional change where instructors have utilized student feedback to improve instruction.

Our Process

Student Consultant Meetings


Student consultants meet together twice a week during X block to discuss dilemmas, prepare for upcoming teacher debrief meetings, and to tune teacher projects. Each student consultant is assigned a student consulting partner and the cooperating teacher they will work with for the semester.   



Student consultants observe the classroom of their cooperating teacher for up to an hour each week. These observations often focus on  the student experience but might be oriented towards a specific teacher identified practice.

Teacher Debriefs


Debrief meetings take place biweekly between cooperating teachers and their student consulting team. This dialogue centered on the student experience is where student consultants share their observations with teachers. Student consultants celebrate specific areas of practice and identify potential areas for teacher growth.

Participants Share Their Experiences

“Knowing that I had students that were on my side trying to make me better it was really encouraging. They were there to listen when I voiced my frustrations and there to encourage me to continue to do things I was doing well. You know so it was a very collegial relationship because they didn’t just pat me on the back and say great job see you next week it was always you are doing this really well I saw you trying to do this think about doing that and I was constantly reflecting on what I was doing in the classroom the more we had those conversations.” Cooperating Teacher

Push Towards Continual Improvement

“It made me a better student through perspective. Being a student consultant you spend a lot of time with your teacher and you see education through their lens. It makes you change because you realize everything you are doing is for a reason.”  Student Consultant

“Students are the ones who are going to be in this class they are the ones this experience is going to matter to. They’re the people we are doing this for were not doing this for the administration we’re doing this for the students.” Cooperating Teacher

Increased Empathy for the teacher and student role

“It (student consulting) means that you help your teacher grow and that you build a relationship of trust and respect with each other.” Student Consultant

Student Consulting is about relationships

Student Consultants and Cooperating Teachers Discuss the Impact of the Program